Zeta Group is a private real estate development corporation specialized in industrial parks and free zones, commercial complexes and mixed-use projects. We are headquartered in Costa Rica and operate in four different countries in Central America.

We develop, lease and manage properties with a long-term perspective, with an active portfolio of over 250 properties. Our customers are over 300 multinational companies as well as local and regional established organizations.

Our origins are in Milan, Italy in the 1960s, where our founder, banker and businessman Renzo Zingone, developed extensive industrial and housing projects. Since the 1970s our focus of business has been in Central America.

Today Zeta Group is a regional leader recognized for its Zeta Industrial Parks and Free Zones. It has developed a total of six parks in the region in which many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies operate. In 2018, about $900 million worth of goods where exported from our parks to the world. In 2015 the Group was conferred the “Main Award to the Exporter Effort” by the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica, and more recently was recognized as “Free Zone of the Year 2016” of Central America, by The Financial Times.

Among its commercial properties that stand out, VIVO Plaza is a chain of convenience shopping centers which contain prime international franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway, IMAX Cinema, among others. Another major development is Ciudad del Este in Costa Rica, a mixed-use community, developed on a 350,000 m2 property, comprising commercial, office space, and residential facilities.

Why do we operate in the Central American region? In 2017, Central American countries had a cumulative GDP of close to $400 billion and comprised more than 65 million people, making the region the 19th largest economy in the world and the 23rd most populated. Over the past 15 years, the economies in Central America recorded an average annual GDP growth of around 4 percent, higher than the growth rates achieved by the Latin American average and most developed economies. The two outstanding countries of the region —Costa Rica and Panama— have grown above the regional average over the last 30 years.

Costa Rica is a success story in the region, being the main destination for foreign direct investment in business-support services in Latin America. Also, its fast-growing medical-device-manufacturing sector accounted for more than $4 billion in exports in 2018, strongly driven by the country’s long-standing investment in education and technical skills, distinctive investment-promotion capabilities, and attraction of anchor investors.

Likewise, Panama, besides being the main financial center of the region, has witnessed a boom in the logistics industry that now accounts for 19 percent of the world total in dead-weight tonnage, capitalizing on the Panama Canal to develop a world-class, diversified, and strategic sector for the country.

Our Purpose

To impact economic development of businesses and communities through the transformation of the built environment.

Our Mission

To develop and manage distinctive, market-driven industrial, commercial and mixed-use real estate complexes that create value for customers and investors.

Our Values
  • Deliver more than we promise.
  • On time, on budget.
  • Be profitable.


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    Cesare Zingone, MBA
      Marco Garro, MBA
      General Manager - Costa Rica
        René Castañeda
        General Manager - Guatemala & Nicaragua
          Álvaro Quirós
            Edgar Gonzalez
            Sales Manager - Industrial
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              Sales Manager - Retail
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                Engineering & Projects Manager