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We are a leading real estate group that operates throughout Central America. We have a recognized track record in developing free zones and mixed-use commercial projects. Our experience in managing a portfolio of 200,000 square meters of built properties allows us to provide turnkey solutions to over 250 clients. Our most outstanding projects include six free zones under the brand PARQUE INDUSTRIAL ZETA, the mixed-use complex CIUDAD DEL ESTE, and the convenience centers VIVO PLAZA.

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Parques industriales

Industrial Parks
& Free Zones

plazas comerciales

Commercial Plazas
& Mixed Use


As pioneers in the creation of industrial free zones in Central America, we are proud to be the only company to manage a network of six different parks in the region, all under the PARQUE INDUSTRIAL ZETA brand. Each of our parks is strategically located in areas that ensure the advantages of consolidated industrial clusters, providing our customers with unparalleled access to markets and suppliers. We offer comprehensive rental options for turnkey industrial buildings, along with efficient management and world-class support services, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


At our core, we strive to uplift local communities through the development of innovative commercial and mixed-use projects. Our portfolio includes an array of projects ranging from shopping malls, offices to residential properties. Our primary mixed-use project, CIUDAD DEL ESTE located in Costa Rica, is a testament to our commitment to realizing positive change in communities. Furthermore, under our VIVO Plaza brand, we have pioneered the concept of convenience centers that focus on providing essential services tailored to the specific needs of local neighborhoods.



In the real estate sector since 1960


200,000 m2 of real estate built under administration


Presence in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua


6 industrial parks, 4 shopping malls, office buildings, and more


250 satisfied customers

Presence in
Central America

At Zeta Group, we have established a regional presence, operating in four countries – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. Our focus in on delivering exceptional industrial and commercial solutions across these regions, with a particular emphasis on Costa Rica, where our headquarters and largest concentration of projects are based. Our portfolio features ten major industrial and commercial developments, as well as other smaller-scale projects, all of which showcase our commitment to excellence and sustainability.


We strive to envision and create real estate projects that not only have a positive impact on the market, but also enhance the surrounding communities. By enriching local urbanism, creating jobs, and promoting sustainable socio-economic growth, we believe that every property we develop has the potential to transform the future.


Our mission is to foster sustainable and responsible growth by strategically expanding our portfolio of leased properties, in accordance with our steadfast commitment to delivering superior property management services to our clients, and continuously upholding the highest standards of service excellence in the industry.


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